Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Ancient Persia Meets Crypto in AGStudio’s Artworks for Auction - crypto com

Ashkan Galehdari, better known as AGStudio, is a graphic designer based in Amsterdam that is fascinated by colours, forms, and memories. His collection, “Contemporary Ancestors”, emerges from the heart of ancient Persia and fuses beautifully with the crypto world, bridging the past and the present.

Ten unique pieces are available for auction, and every winner will receive a special-edition NFT. Enter forgotten worlds by placing a bid on AGStudio’s artwork!


Thu, Jul 14

Empty Space - About the creator

Art Terms is an online art platform that provides a solution for the rational and transparent price of artworks to popularize and revitalize the art market based on the improvement of transactions and quality of the art market by promoting art around the world and playing an exclusive role in collecting art DBs.

Dongjoo Seo is a multidisciplinary artist and designer who works with various media combining multimedia installation, video, graphic design, text, and practice-based anthropological research methodologies. His works integrate scientific research with analog and digital technologies to explore a variety of subject matters where individual curiosity and contemporary social discourse intersect and new forms of shared experience emerge.

About the drop

"Empty Space" by Seo Dongjoo

On the occasion of the exhibition I have presented 12 selected summer sports from my Empty Space series. The print versions of the series depict the empty spaces after the matches, and the video versions present both the in-match scenes and the post-match empty space. Whereas, contrary to the print versions, the works on canvas — revealed for the first time in this exhibition — illustrate in-match scenes.

Fri, Jul 15

PSG x Clown Skateboards

The worlds of football and skateboarding collide with NFTs that honor the two brands’ cultural history in Paris and London.

Mark these upcoming drops in your calendar and be among the first to explore them.

NFT project.

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